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Freekeh was discovered around 2300 B.C. by accident. A civil war was raging in the Eastern Mediterranean. Under siege and worried they would lose everything, the village farmers harvested their wheat early, while still green, and hid the grain in storage barns. The barns were burned, but the farmers discovered that when they rubbed the burnt grain chaff together, a roasted high protein seed with a unique nutty flavor emerged. Freekeh was born! The word freekeh comes from the Arabic word “farik” meaning “to rub.”

Today, freekeh arrives as a pita chip! Subtly smoky and perfectly nutty, our Freekeh Harvest® Protein Pita Chips are made using traditionally harvested freekeh so you can taste a little bit of its rich history with every bite.

The Story of

Introducing a truly unique product to the American snack-food industry is a rare event. Freekeh (“free-kuh”) Harvest® Protein Pita Chips are just that - completely new.

We took freekeh, a slow-roasted ancient Mediterranean supergrain, and turned it into a protein-rich pita chip, perfect for healthy snacking on-the-go. With a nutty and complex flavor you have to taste to believe, Freekeh Harvest® Protein Pita Chips are a revolutionary new snack product.

At Freekeh Harvest®, we believe in eating nutritiously and deliciously. Freekeh Harvest® Protein Pita Chips deliver a wonderful roasted taste and nutritional powerhouse in every serving. When you eat these delicious chips, you get up to 3 times more protein and fiber and up to 50% less fat than other pita chips. And while new to America, freekeh is a celebrated staple of a Mediterranean diet.

With high fiber and protein, a low glycemic index, a low-fat and low-calorie count compared to other grains, like quinoa and brown rice, Freekeh Harvest® Protein Pita Chips are also an ideal choice for vegans, vegetarians and individuals managing diabetes. Freekeh has three times the fiber and protein compared to brown rice and fewer calories, fat, and higher fiber than quinoa. Our chips also have no added sugar, no trans-fat, and no cholesterol.


Freekeh Harvest® founder Leslie Touma loves to travel and explore new cultures and foods. On trips throughout the Mediterranean region, she was served a nutty, flavorful grain called freekeh. The delicious flavor was unlike anything she’d ever tasted. Returning to the U.S, she couldn’t find freekeh anywhere. Few knew what it was, or how to prepare this grain with the unique name. She believed Americans would love this ancient, nutty-flavored grain. She also envisioned freekeh being more widely accepted, considering the American lifestyle, as a convenient snack food for on-the-go consumers.

Touma partnered with some of the best chefs and food scientists from around the country to launch Freekeh Harvest®, and create a fresh take on this ancient supergrain with so much Mediterranean flavor and history.

Today, Freekeh Harvest® Protein Pita Chips are here and ready to be enjoyed as a high-protein, low-fat healthy snack!


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